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Mid Cities Notary is a mobile notary service providing superior notary services at your location around the Keller, TX area for your convenience.

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Meet Soumya, Your Mobile Notary Expert

After realizing the inconveniences that many people face with notary services, especially the senior citizens and the disabled, I dedicated myself to helping individuals with their notary requirements. I serve as the head notary at Mid Cities Notary. I have extensive expertise in notary procedures, and am recognized for my approachable demeanor.

Whether you’re closing on a new house or finalizing your will, I am always ready to assist with any notarizations.

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-Atheena Sunny
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“I had a fantastic experience with Mid Cities Notary! They notarized my documents swiftly and conveniently. Their professionalism and knowledge were evident, especially when they accommodated me at the last minute. Highly recommend their excellent services!”

Why Choose Mid Cities Notary


Mid Cities Notary offers mobile notary services, providing the convenience of notarization at your location, saving you time and effort.

Flexible Scheduling

Enjoy the flexibility to schedule notary services at your preferred time, whether it's during business hours, evenings, or weekends.


Mid Cities Notary ensures a high level of professionalism, with trained and experienced notary public professionals handling your documents with care and precision.

Transparent Pricing

With clear and upfront pricing, Mid Cities Notary provides transparency, helping you understand costs without encountering hidden fees.

Prompt and Timely Service

Count on Mid Cities Notary for prompt and timely notary services, ensuring efficient notarization of your documents.

Few Types of Documents We Notarize

Real Estate Documents

Are you closing on a property? Are you looking for convenient notary services to help you with your closing? Mid Cities Notary has you covered with mobile real estate notary services. Whether it’s a buying or selling of a property, call us to help with your closing.

Medical or Financial Power of Attorney

Are you looking for Finacial Power of Attorney notary services or Medical Power of Attorney notary services? Look no further, Mid Cities Notary will provide you with mobile power of attorney notary services at the time and location of your choosing. Don’t hassle with driving to notary, convenience yourself by contacting us.

Affidavit and Declarations

Are you looking to have some legal documents notarized? The notary experts at Mid Cities Notary provide you with convenience and the utmost professionalism with their mobile notary services for affidavits and declarations. Call us now.

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